Episode 106: Lizzie Borden Part 2

We round out our series on Lizzie Borden and offer our conclusions to what really happened.

This episode includes:
1. Lizzie goes to trial.
2. The jury really thinks it over… for 1 1/2 hours.
3. You can spend the night in the room where Abby was murdered. (Or not)
4. Spoiler alert! There were other murders on the property!
5. Jay and Noelle have a differing opinion on how it all went down. What do you think happened?


Episode 105: Lizzie Borden Part 1

Jay and Noelle deliver the facts of the Lizzie Borden case in this first part of our 2-part Lizzie Borden series:

This episode includes:
1. The Bordens were a respected, church-going family. How could something like this happen to them?
2. Was Abby Borden a gold digger and evil stepmother or just a casualty of a sociopathic murder spree?
3. What really is the deal with Lizzie and those pigeons?
4. Would Elizabeth Montgomery, of TV’s Bewitched fame, have played Lizzie if she knew they were 6th cousins??? (Probably)


Episode 104: Albert Le Grand, Alchemist Extraordinaire

Jay introduces us to French alchemist, Albert Le Grand.

This episode features:
1. Wait. There are 2 Albert Le Grands? We’ll explain.
2. We could all do magic if we just applied ourselves more.
3. Petit Albert was a best-selling book that no one owned, or at least said they did.
5. Albert Le Grand most likely influenced Marie Leveau, Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey. You don’t need to read the book for $925.89 to learn this. We just told you.


Episode 103: The Haunting of the Morris-Jumel Mansion feat. Megan Ensley

Noelle shares the story of the haunted Morris-Jumel Mansion of Manhattan

This episode features:
1. The home was originally built as a modest summer home for Colonel Roger Morris and his wife Mary Philipse on 135 acres of land. No biggie.
2. George Washington and his soldiers moved in and used the house as a headquarters during the Revolutionary War.
3. After the war, the house is purchased by Eliza and Stephen Jumel for $2,000 less than the asking price due to Eliza’s shrewd business sense.
5. The local elites were not fans of Eliza. Sounds like we’ve got a Real House Wives of the Revolution going on here.
4. Aaron Burr mismanages a whole lot of money. That guy can’t seem to get a break.


Episode 102: A Ghost in Seattle – Alice B. Toklas Feat. Friend of the Show, Megan Ensley

Jay introduces Noelle and Megan to Alice B. Toklas, a ghost in life and in death.

This episode features:
1. Alice B. Toklas takes a leap from piano student in Seattle to ex-pat living in Paris.
2. Alice B. Toklas meets Gertrude Stein, and they never spend a day apart again.
3. Was Alice B. Toklas the inspiration for many of Gertrude Stein’s proteges? Probs.
5. How do we find that hash recipe? Asking for us.
4. How does a person who dies in Paris haunt Seattle? Do the math.


Episode 101: Davy Jones’ Locker

Noelle takes us to the bottom of the sea to talk Davy Jones’ and his locker.

This episode features:
1. Who/what is Davy Jones and where did he get his locker?
2. Why did Duffer Jones fall from his ship often?
3. Is Noelle really related to Herman Melville? We’ll never know.
4. Was Davy Jones really the captain of the Flying Dutchman, or is Bill Nighy that good of an actor?
5. What is the connection to the Davy Jones of the Monkees?


Episode 100: Turin, Italy – A Center of Good and Evil

Jay takes us on a tour of the town of Turin, Italy.

This episode features:
1. Turin, the 4th largest city in Italy, and also possibly the epicenter of white magic and black magic.
2. 3 caves below the city where you can see your thoughts, hopes and fears if you find them, also known as our first trip after the pandemic is over.
3. The location of the five palaces of the Savoys form a pentagram. Probably occult stuff.
4. We finally learn where the light ends and the darkness begins. Spoiler alert! It’s in Turin.
5. Isis makes an appearance! Heeey!


Episode 99: Bermuda Triangle Part 2

Noelle continues discussing the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

This episode features:
1. What happened to flight 19?
2. Could it be leftover technology from the Lost City of Atlantis that is causing issues with navigation tools?
3. Noelle attempts to use naval terms and fails miserably.
4. A regular ol’ conversation about Ancient Aliens.
5. Could these disappearances be because of underwater alien portals? (Probably)


Episode 98: Bermuda Triangle Part 1

In part 1 of this 2 part series, Noelle walks us through the history of the Bermuda Triangle.

This episode includes:

1. Where is the Bermuda Triangle and why is it so mysterious?
2. Christopher Columbus recorded seeing a flash of light in the sky when in the West Indies (probably a meteorite).
3. The area became famous when Flight 19 disappeared in 1945.
4. Who is George Sand anyway?
5. Noelle introduces Kenny Chesney’s latest “hit song.” Disclaimer: Kenny Chesney did produce, write or sing this song. Thanks for being a fan, Kenny!


Episode 97: Edgar Allen Poe

Jay shares the tragic tale of Edgar Allen Poe

1. In true poetic fate, the circumstances around Poe’s death are very bizarre.
2. Poe’s enemy, Rufus Wilmot Griswold, wrote Poe’s obituary.
3. Poe’s cat, Catterina (awesome!) died closely after his death.
4. His body was buried in an unmarked grave for 26 years.
5. Ghost Poe can be spotted at the places he felt most comfortable, his home in Baltimore and his favorite watering hole, The Horse You Came In On (we’re going there!)


Episode 96: Roosevelt Hotel and Marilyn Monroe

Jay takes us to Hollywood’s famous Roosevelt Hotel.

1. The hotel used to be a hot spot for aspiring starlets who were hoping to be scouted.
2. The hotel was a hub for stars such as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Charlie Chaplin and Montgomery Clift.
3. Its pool was the site of Marilyn Monroe’s first-ever ad for suntan lotion.
4. Marilyn was a resident for 2 years.
5. Marilyn is the hotel’s most famous guest and can often be found to join you at the bar if you order a glass of champagne.


Episode 95: Ursuline Convent

Noelle walks us through the story of Ursuline Convent!
This story contains:
1. Oldest standing building in the French Quarter (Power of prayer!)
2. Ursuline nuns opened took in orphans and created a boarding school for children of wealthy South American families. (Ghost kids!)
3. Casket girls sent from France to marry French settlers and naval officers. (Vampires!)
4. We’ve got an A-Jax cameo! (Douche bag in chief!)


Episode 94: The Devil Made Me Do It

We’re baaaack!!!!

After a few months hiatus, we are honoring the one and only Lorraine Warren (RIP). Noelle walks us through two lesser known cases investigated by the Warrens.

1. The Devil Made Me Do It – Arne and Debbie bring her little brother along to move into their new house, but little bro David ends up getting possessed instead of sweeping the bedroom.
2. During one of the exorcisms, Arne challenges a demon to a battle and finds himself also possessed.
3. Arne murders Debbie’s employer, but did he really, or was it the demon possessing him? A jury of his peers decides.
4. The Southend Werewolf – Since the age of 9, Bill Ramsey has suffered from sporadic rage episodes featuring super human strength and possible wolf-like features.
5. After Bill, now fondly known as the Southend Werewolf, chomps down onto a nurse’s arms, Ed and Lorraine Warren are on the case!
6. And we know what that means! It’s exorcism time!


Episode 93: Stull Cemetery, Kansas

Noelle walks us through infamous Stull Cemetery in Stull Kansas.

1. The cemetery is located in Stull, Kansas – about 10 miles west of Lawrence, Kansas. (Stull has a population of 20-30 people.)
2. The cemetery was built in 1867 and abandoned in 1922. (It’s said to be the location of one of the 7 Gates of Hell!)
3. The Devil appears in Stull two times a year. (He shows up on the Spring Equinox and Halloween!)
4. A witch and The Devil fell in love in Stull Cemetery. (The bones of their offspring – “The Child of Satan” – are buried here!)
5. On Halloween in 1988, 500 people came to the cemetery to try to hang with Satan. (Don’t just show up in Stull. Those people damaged the grounds and gravestones. Be thoughtful!)

This episode features Friend of the Show, Megan Ensley.


Episode 92: Ghosts of Nashville

Jay walks us through the Ghosts of Nashville.

1. Nashville was founded in 1779 and named for Revolutionary War hero Francis Nash. (Dolly Parton and Country Music live there now!)
2. The Ryman Auditorium is haunted. (Patsy Cline and Hank Williams still perform there!)
3. Harpeth Haven subdivision was built on Pegram Family Cemetery. (Oops! floating coffins!)
4. Andrew Jackson still haunts his old home, The Hermitage. (Factoid: Ajax was a bigamist! Oops!)
5. Two Rivers Mansion and Golf Course is haunted by the spirits of Native Americans. (Stop. *clap* Building. *clap* Homes. *clap* On. *clap* Burial. *clap* Grounds.)

This episode features Friend of the Show – Megan Ensley!


Episode 91: The Grimes Sisters – Murder in Chicago!

Noelle walks us through Chicago’s notorious murder of the Grimes Sisters.

1. In December 1956, teen sisters Barbara and Patricia Grimes disappeared. (This is known as the “End of Innocence” in Chicago.)
2. The sisters went to a screening of the Elvis Presley film “Love Me Tender.” (It was the 11th time they’d seen the movie!)
3. Their disappearance launched one of the largest missing persons cases in the history of Chicago. (300,000 people were interrogated!)
4. The bodies were discovered on January 22, 1957. (The construction worker who found them thought they were mannequins.)
5. Autopsy ruled that death was caused by shock and exposure. (Do the ghosts of the sisters still roam Chicago?)


Episode 90: The Ghosts of Serial Killer Herb Baumeister and His Victims

Jay walks us through the Ghosts of Serial Killer Herb Baumeister and his victims.

1. Herb Baumeister (April 7, 1947 – July 3, 1996) resident of Westfield, Indiana was notorious Serial Killer. (He found men in gay bars and buried them in his backyard.)
2. Herb married his wife Julie in 1971 and had three kids. (He founded the Sav-A-Lot chain of thrift stores in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1988.)
3. Herb moved his family to an 18-acre estate in the suburbs called Fox Hollow Farm. (Despite previous success at concealing odd behavior, Herb’s strange tendencies became apparent.)
4. The police investigation of Fox Hollow Farm up the remains of 11 men. (Only 5 of whom were ever identified.)
5. The ghost of Herb Baumeister still walks the property. (As do the souls of his victims.)


Episode 89: Annabelle

Noelle shares the tale of Annabelle, the haunted doll

1. Annabelle is a raggedy Anne doll, not the porcelain doll that is depicted in the movies.
2. She was a gift to nursing student, Donna, and allegedly was possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins.
3. Not so, said the Warren’s (Psst… the episode features High Spirits favorites, Ed and Lorraine Warren).
4. Isn’t anyone concerned about poor Lou? Listen in to find out what Lou’s deal is!


Episode 88: Ghosts of Sports and Leisure

Jay walks us through the Ghosts of Sports and Leisure.

1. U-W’s Camp Randall Stadium was a Union soldier training ground during the Civil War with a prison camp for Confederate soldiers nearby. (U-RAH-RAH WISCONSIN!)
2. Spoiler alert: roller rinks and ice-skating rinks are haunted as hell. (Many a DJ haunt those hallowed grounds!)
3. In 1999, wrestler Owen Hart fell to his death in Kansas City’s Kemper Arena. (Maybe you can spot a resonant energy cable?)
4. In Kingman, AZ, Lee Williams High School is situated on the grounds of Pioneer Cemetery. (They play football on 300 coffins!)
5. Basketball Coach Bobby Knight haunts IU’s Assembly Hall. (Come for the Hoosiers, stay for the ghostly chair throwing!)


Episode 87: Ghosts of Malls

Jay walks us through the hauntings of Malls and retail chains in the United States.

1. Macy’s – Chicago, IL. (The former Marshall Field’s location is said to have served as a morgue after the deadly 1903 fire at the nearby Iroquois Theater.
2. Kmart Store #7625, South Los Angeles. (Kmart HQ in Michigan was spooked enough by these claims that the company hired a paranormal investigator, who concluded that there are four spirits haunting the building.)
3. TOYS “R” US – Sunnyvale, CA. (One employee claimed to hear these words over the intercom system: “the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away”!)
4. Kmart – Coeur d’Alene, ID. (Employee Tamara Dobbs claims register No. 2 is haunted by a male presence!)
5. Dimond Center Mall – Anchorage, Alaska. (This mall was built above an ancient burial ground!)


Episode 86: Haunted Mansions – Pittock (Portland, OR) and Stickney (Bull Valley, IL)

Noelle walks us through two Haunted Mansions: the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR and the Stickney House in Bull Valley, IL.

1. The Pittock Mansion is a French-Renaissance sandstone chateau in the West Hills of Portland, OR. (We love Portland and we’re always kidding with them!)
2. The house is haunted by its former owners. (Hey, Henry and Georgianna Pittock! We see you!)
3. A paranormal investigator caught an EVP of a man saying “I’m heading back.” (That recording proves that there’s life after death!)
4. The Stickney Mansion is located in Bull Valley in McHenry County, IL. (The house was built in 1865 in the Land of Lincoln!)
5. The house served as quarters for Union soldiers during the Civil War. (It’s also believed that the house was tainted by “devil worshipers” who lived in the house in the 1960s! FUN!)


Episode 85: The Ohio State Reformatory

Jay walks us through the hauntings of The Ohio State Reformatory.
1. Built in 1886 in Mansfield, OH. (Featured as the prison in “The Shawshank Redemption”!)
2. Built on the site of a Civil War camp ravaged by disease. (Mhm.)
3. 154,000 inmates who passed through its gates in its 94 years as a working prison. (The building closed in 1990 via federal court order!)
4. Along with the possibility of being tortured, the inmates were also subjected to extreme violence from other inmates, horrific food, rat infestation, and infectious diseases. (Terrible. Terrible. Terrible!)
5. At its fullest, the prison hosted a thousand more prisoners than it was designed to hold in “brutalizing and inhumane conditions.” (Join us for the horrible mistreatment of human beings, BUT – stick around for the Ghosts!)


Episode 84: Circus Circus – Las Vegas, NV

Noelle walks us through the hauntings of Circus Circus – Las Vegas, NV

1. Opened on October 16, 1968 on the Las Vegas Strip. (It’s the largest permanent big top in the world!)
2. Hunter S Thompson wrote about Circus Circus. (1970s classic “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”)
3. Mafia Man, Tony Spilotro opens a gift shop at Circus Circus. (In 1974, the Los Angeles Times reported that in the three years Spilotro had been in Las Vegas, more gangland-style murders had been committed there than in the past 25 years combined!)
4. Also, in 1974, Spilotro was one of six men indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago in connection with defrauding the Central States Teamsters Pension Fund of $1.4 million. (Among the defendants was Joseph “Joey the Clown” Lombardo!)
5. Ghost stuff! (Rooms 123, 203, 230, and 576! The kitchen – where three murders took place! AND. MORE.)


Episode 83: Heaven’s Gate

Jay walks us through the mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate Cult and its paranormal handprint.

1. On March 26, 1997 police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group. (Members wanted to reach an extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale–Bopp.)
2. The group rented a 9,200-square-foot mansion in a gated community of San Diego-area called Rancho Santa Fe. (They paid $7,000 per month in cash.)
3. Authorities found the dead lying neatly in their own bunk beds – faces and torsos covered by a square purple cloth. (All were dressed in identical black shirts, sweat pants, and black-and-white Nikes.)
4. People at the site have seen what appear to be ghosts – but, many say they’re not human! (Aliens?)
5. People say they look like Greys. (Aliens!)


Episode 82: Jane Addams Hull House

Noelle walks us through the hauntings of Jane Addams Hull House.

1. This is the story of Jane Addams. (She’s the “Mother of Social Work.”)
2. Addams was very wealthy – but, she was inspired to use her money and influence to help people. (She co-founded Hull House with Ellen Gates Starr in 1889!)
3. The house is a mansion located in Chicago. (Located at 800 S. Halsted. That’s Halsted and Polk!)
4. At its height, Hull House was visited by 2,000 people a week. (AND MORE!)
5. Hull House was involved in city and statewide campaigns for better housing, improvements to public welfare, stricter child labor laws, and the protection of working women. (In 1912, Addams helped start the Progressive Party. Oh… and a DEVIL BABY LIVES AT HULL HOUSE!)


Episode 81: The Ghosts of Hawaii

Jay walks us through the Ghosts of Hawaii.

!!! Special thanks to friend of the show – Renee Hansel – for the suggestion !!!

1. 2,335 American soldiers died and 1,143 were wounded at Pearl Harbor. (December 7, 1941.)
2. Many Hawaiians expect supernatural to occur during a certain moon phase known as pō Kāne – the 27th night of the lunar month. (Pō Kāne is associated with the night marchers!)
3. Nightmarchers are the deadly ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. (As a nightmarch approaches people hear loud war drums in the distance, then smell a foul and musky “death-like” odor!)
4. Pele is the goddess of fire and volcanoes. (She’s also known as “She who shapes the sacred land.”)
5. The Green Lady lives at Wahiawa Botanical Garden. (She has jagged teeth, hair covered in seaweed, and green fish-like scales!)


Episode 80: Cryptozoology

Noelle walks us through Cryptozoology. We’ve got Mermaids, Big Feet, Werewolves – oh my!

1. Pseudoscience that aims to prove the existence of entities from the folklore record and animals. (You can call them Cryptids. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty!)
2. The term cyrtid was coined by J.E. Wall in 1983. (Fun!)
3. Few cryptozoologists have a formal science education. (Education is super over-rated, guys! Just make stuff up!)
4. Come for Chupacabra and stay for the Lizard People. (Grab a nice frothy beverage and enjoy the Enfield Monster!)
5. No fossils. No remains. No footprints. No remnants. (Boring! Just bring your imagination and let’s go to the woods!)


Episode 79: Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Noelle walks us through The Most Haunted Night Club in America: Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

1. Originally, it was built as slaughterhouse in the 1850s. (Satan lives in the basement!)
2. Rich gal Pearl Bryan was killed by her A-Hole boyfriend. (Did we mention Satan?)
3. Bobby and Janet Mackey purchased the building in the spring of 1978. (Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!)
4. Here live the spirits of Johanna and an angry man at the bar. (Deleted lyrics from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”)
5. THERE ARE GHOSTS IN THE BASEMENT! (But, you knew that, because you listen to HIgh Spirits Chicago Podcast and you know that ALL basements are haunted.)


Episode 78: Witches

Jay walks us through the history of witches.

1. Witchcraft of some sort has probably existed since humans first banded together in groups. (Prehistoric art depicts magical rites to ensure successful hunting!
2. 1400 BC: the Oracle of Delphi was the most important shrine in all Greece. (People came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia.)
3. 700 BC and 100 AD: The Druid tradition is the closest thing to what we perceive to be modern magic / witchcraft.
4. After the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum, Pope Innocent VIII issued a declaration of witchcraft in 1498. (For more than 100 years, the book sold more copies of any other book in Europe except the Bible.)
5. A tour of witches: Hecate, Baba Yaga, Morgan le Fay, Moll Dyer, Bridget Bishop, and more! (Witches! Getting ‘er done.)


Episode 77: Hotel Monte Vista – Flagstaff, Arizona

Noelle walks us through one of Arizona’s most haunted hotels, the Hotel Monte Vista.

1. Allegedly, Flagstaff got its name because the founders stripped a pine tree to fly an American flag. (Creative!)
2. By 1886, Flagstaff was the largest city on the railroad line between Albuquerque and the west coast of the United States. (You go, Flagstaff!)
3. The Hotel Monte Vista opened on New Year’s Day, 1927 with 73 rooms. (Cost in today’s money would be about $2.9 Million!)
4. Haunted rooms include 210, 220, 305, and 306. (Murder! Rocking Chairs! Bon Jovi!)
5. There’s a baby crying in the basement. (Advice: stay out of basements if you want to avoid ghosts!)


Episode 76: Tombstone Ghost Town

Jay walks us through one of the most famous locations of the Wild, Wild West: Tombstone.

1. Tombstone is a historic city in Arizona, founded in 1879 by prospector Ed Schieffelin. (Silver Mining!)
2. Its population grew from 100 to around 14,000 in less than seven years. (It’s best known as the site of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral!)
3. A woman in a long white dress has also been spied on Tombstone streets. (Seamstress!)
4. Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. (That’s what it’s really called. Oh, And it’s haunted.)
5. The Birdcage is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in Tombstone: allegedly continuing to host as many as 31 ghosts. (SNEAK PEEK: two prostitutes got into a brawl, and one got the upper hand by repeatedly stabbing the other in her chest with the sharp heel of her stiletto.)


Episode 75: Vampires!

Noelle walks us through the Paranormal’s hottest, sexiest, blood-thirstiest beast: the VAMPYRE.

1. Vampires are ancient. (But they still LOOK good!)
2. You can spell the word “vampire” – but, WHY BOTHER? (It’s Vampyre from here out, kids!)
3. Vampyres have roamed Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas for centuries. (I bet they know how to order the best things at the finest places!)
4. There are so many vampyre myths it can be hard to keep track. (BUT KEEP UP!)
5. Hey, you! Have you ever seen “True Blood”? (WATCH THAT SHIZZZ. * Hi, Eric Northman. How’s it going, Boo?)


Episode 74: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Jay walks us through one of Chicago’s Most Paranormal Sites, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

1. Bremen Township, Cook County, Illinois, in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. (Hometown story!)
2. The land surrounding Bachelors Grove Cemetery was originally settled by English homesteaders around 1833. (The cemetery contains 82 plots!)
3. 1920s and 1930s, this isolated site became a dumping ground for victims of Chicago’s organized crime syndicate. It was the perfect place to dump traitors and snitches. (Cool!)
4. Around the 1960s, the site was rumored to be extremely haunted. (SO. MANY. GHOSTS!)
5. Officers that have patrolled the woods at night have reported seeing evidence of black magic and occult rituals in and around the graveyard. (Satanic Panic! *Sssssssstupid!*)


Episode 73: The Curse of Dudleytown

Noelle walks us through the Curse of Dudleytown, CT.

This episode features MEGAN FROM THE SHOW! (Hi, Megan Ensley!)

1. Dudleytown, CT was founded as a small settlement in the mid 1700s and was abandoned in the 1800s. (Sounds nice!)
2. A local rumor alleges that the founders of Dudleytown were descended from Edmund Dudley, an English nobleman who was beheaded for treason. (The Dudley family was placed under a curse! Neat!)
3. Dudleytown was located in a valley, known as the Dark Entry Forest. (What a lovely name. Let’s go!)
4. Reports of hauntings and sightings: Apparitions in the woods, paranormal photographs, feelings of terror, mysterious lights, being touched, pushed and scratched by unseen hands. (Seriously. Let’s go!)
5. Due to rumors of ghost activity beginning in the 1980s, the village site has been subject to frequent vandalism, and the owners have since closed the land to the public. (See you there! Bring snacks and a flashlight!)


Episode 72: The Ghosts of Kansas, featuring Megan Ensley

FRIEND OF THE SHOW – Megan Ensley – walks us through some of the ghosts of Kansas!

This story contains:
1. The Eaton Hotel (Haunted!)
2. Carrie Nation. (Booze hatin’ freak!)
3. A Ghost Cow. (Mhm. Kansas, y’all.)
4. Haunted Topeka (A places known for its beauty – and for people jumping to their deaths~)
5. Amelia Earhart (She was from Atchison. (ATCHISON! Where the cat killer’s from. It all ties together!)


Episode 71: American Airlines Flight 191

Jay walks us through the plane crash of American Airlines Flight 191.

* Again!

** But, differently.

*** With better sound.

**** Buckle your seatbelts and put your tray tables to the secure and locked position…

This story contains:
1. May 25, 1979 (A perfect day to fly.)
2. Flight 191 crashes moments after take-off from O’Hare (Fatalities: 275.)
3. First responders are traumatized (One says the accident site feels like “walking into a sea of death.”)
4. A Haunted Trailer Park (Ghosts of Flight 191 seek help from near-by residents.)
5. True Crime: The Murder of Diane Chorba (Her boyfriend said she died on Flight 191. She didn’t.)


Episode 70: The Sallie House

Noelle walks us through the story of The Sallie House!

This story contains:
1. Built in 1867, the home is near the Missouri bluffs in Atchison, KS. (Sounds nice!)
2. Michael Finney died in the home in 1872. (Possible ghost!)
3. Charles Finney was Michael’s son and was an expert figure skater who had been ostracized by the figure skating community. (COME THRU, CHARLES!)
4. Joanna Barnes later moved in and had some tough times. (She was in and out of mental institutions – and one of her sons did not survive one of her suicide attempts.)
5. Tony and Debra Pickman moved into the house in 1992 – wherein, Tony was scratched and terrorized by a demon! (Or, maybe he was being haunted by the young ghost of Sallie who died there around 1905. You be the judge!)


Episode 69: Scientists Who Believed in Ghosts

Jay walks us through Scientific Superstars who believed in ghosts.

This story contains:
1. Sir Isaac Newton. (Discovered the laws of motion, laws of gravitation, and invented calculus – and he was profoundly interested in the occult!)
2. Carl Linnaeus. (Father of Modern Taxonomy – who had a bit of a mermaid fetish. HAWT!)
3. Thomas Edison. (Inventor of basically everything – may have been working to invent the “Spirit Phone”!)
4. Jack Parsons. (Founding member of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab – who was also an acolyte of Aleister Crowley!)
5. Francis Crick. (Co-discovered the double-helix model of DNA – and was believer in a theory called “panspermia.” Which basically means that he believed that life was seeded on Earth by intergalactic “sperm” on the tail of some comet or meteor)


Episode 68: The Ghosts of Sydney, Australia

Jay walks us through the ghosts of Sydney, Australia

This story contains:
1. In January 1788, The British colony of New South Wales was subsequently established. (That’s Australia, guys!)
2. Sydney started off a tough town. (Criminals, skirmishes, disease!)
3. Quarantine Station. (It’s like Ellis Island. But way more haunted!)
4. Picton Railway Tunnel. (Emily Bollard was struck and killed by a train in 1916 – and she walks the tunnel!)
5. Darlinghurst Gaol. (It’s a haunted jail. SPELLED: GAOL. But pronounced: jail. Or, as Oprah would say: Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyle!)


Episode 67: The Philip Experiment

Noelle walks us through the story of The Philip Experiment!

Scientists wanted to make a test group believe in ghosts, so they made up a tragic dude from the 1600s who committed suicide after his lover was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. FUN!

This story contains:
1. The Philip experiment was a 1972 parapsychology experiment conducted in Toronto, Ontario. (We love Canada!)
2. The experiment was conducted by the mathematician A. R. G. Owen and overseen by psychologist Dr. Joel Whitton. (They were gonna mess with people!)
3. They created a character named “Philip Aylesford.”(They said he was born in 1624 in England, had an early military career and was knighted by the age of sixteen.)
4. They Philip said was unhappily married to a woman named Dorothea and later fell in love with a Gypsy girl. (Y’all. We don’t say gypsy any more. Get it together.)
5. The scientists got people to believe they were communicating with the ghost of Philip! (People are fun. They’ll believe anything if you tell them about it every day for a year. Science?)


Episode 66: The Ghosts of Edinburgh, Scotland

Jay walks us through the ghosts of Edinburgh, Scotland.

This story contains:
1. it’s the capital city of Scotland. (Founded around 8500 BC!)
2. Mary King’s Close. (The black plague kept hundreds of plague victims sealed inside!)
3. Borthwick Castle. (The ghost of Mary Queen of Scots lives there!)
4. Edinburgh Castle. (The site on which Edinburgh Castle is built pre-dates even the time of Jesus!)
5. Greyfriars Kirkyard. (George McKenzie, the most famous ghost of Greyfriars Kirkyard, was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Covenanters.)


Episode 65: The Haunting in Connecticut

Noelle walks us through the story of The Haunting in Connecticut!

This story contains:
1. June 30, 1986, the Snedeker family moves into a house sight-unseen. (Cheap rent!)
2. The house had formerly been Hallahan Funeral Home. (There was weird embalming stuff and equipment in the basement! WELCOME HOME!)
3. Poor Phillip, age 14, was going through cancer treatments. (But, maybe he was being possessed by a necrophiliac mortician with a weird mustache?)
4. The Mom and kids of the home went through hell. (Spinning gurneys, assaults, attacks from shower curtains, and bad smells.)


Episode 64: Ingeborg Skeel and Olive Thomas

Inspired by the Women’s March, Noelle walks us through two strong women of different eras: Ingeborg Skeel of Denmark and the world’s first flapper, Olive Thomas.

This story contains:
1. STORY ONE: 1500’s Lady Ingeborg Skeel from Voergaard, Denmark. (Bad ass business woman and philanthropist!)
2. Ingeborg was super successful and had sweet house. (So people thought she was a witch!)
3. A wandering lady in white, Wild Boar Skin, and a patch of blood that can’t be removed. (Ghosts!)
4. STORY TWO: Olive Thomas – the original flapper. (Married to Jack Pickford, brother of the movie star Mary Pickford.)
5. At age 25, Thomas drank down the mercury bichloride that was intended to treat her husband’s syphilis topically! (She’s a ghost now. Hi, Olive!)


Episode 63: Disneyland – The Happiest Place on Earth

Jay walks us through Disneyland – which may be: the creepiest place on Earth.

This story contains:
1. Opened: July 17, 1955. (In Anaheim, CA!)
2. Walt haunts Main Street. (So does the lady in White!)
3. Space Mountain is a fun roller coaster. (Look out for the three ghosts that haunt it!)
4. The Haunted Mansion is a scary attraction. (The four ghosts inside may be scarier!)
5. it’s a small world after all! (You don’t want to know. You do. But, you don’t. Oof.)


Episode 62: The Lemp Mansion and Brewery

Jay walks us through the Lemp Mansion and Brewery in St. Louis, MO.

This story contains:
1. The first brew house was constructed in 1865. (On top of caves with connecting tunnels!)
2. In 1897, William Lemp’s daughter, Hilda, married Gustav Pabst. (Beer dynasties united by marriage!)
3. Prohibition destroyed the family business. (Alas! No beer!)
4. A melancholy mansion. (Four Lemps killed themselves on the premises!)
5. Ghosts haunt the house. (In the bar, drinks have been known to stir themselves!)


Episode 61: Eastern State Penitentiary

Jay walks us through Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This story contains:
1. Operation dates of the prison were 1829 – 1971! (Resonant energy!)
2. The prison followed the “Pennsylvania System” of rehabilitation. (Woops! Solitary confinement!)
3. Prisoners were tortured. (Waterboarding! Iron gags! The Hole!)
4. The prison was designed for 250 occupants. (At its most populated, there were 1,800 people in residence!)
5. When Al Capone was a prisoner there – he saw the ghost of James Clark. (Clark died in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.)


Episode 60: Villisca Ax Murders

Noelle walks us through the Villisca Ax Murders that occurred in 1912 in Villisca, Iowa!

This story contains:
1. Murder in Iowa! (8 victims!)
2. Unsolved Crime! (So many suspects!)
3. Serial Killer? (Maybe?)
4. Robert Laursen Jr, paranormal investigator, stabbed himself in the chest when he investigated the house! (Wowza.)
5. Hauntings: footsteps, fog, children’s voices! (There’s a ghost tour! YOU can spend the night there for the small sum of $428! Tell us how your visit went.)


Episode 59: Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Jay walks us through the story of Louisiana Voodoo – and Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

This story contains:
1. Why do people misunderstand Voodoo? (Racism!)
2. Those who practice Voodoo believe that there is a visible and an invisible world, and that these worlds are intertwined. (Interesting!)
3. Slaves were forced to become Catholic and were orally taught the faith. (The slaves found parallels in their own belief systems.)
4. Marie Catherine Laveau: 1801–1881. (The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!)
5. Marie Laveau lived an amazing life! (She was so famous, that the New York Times ran her Obituary on June 23, 1881!)


Episode 58: Krampus

Noelle walks us through Christmas Legend and scary freak: Krampus!

This story contains:
1. Krampus comes from the German word: Krampen. (That means CLAWED!)
2. Krampus is a half-goat/half-demon who punishes bad kiddos! (Merry Christmas!)
3. Krampus has fangs and thrashes about with his chains. (Hawt, right?)
4. Krampusnacht is on December 5th! (On the eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas.)
5. It’s customary to offer a Krampus schnapps called Krampuslauf! (Dude. What’s Krampusnacht without Krampuslauf?)


Episode 57: Wendigo and Native Legends

Noelle walks us through the Native American Legend of the Wendigo.

This story contains:
1. Wendigo. (A native cannibal spirit of the Great Lakes!)
2. Wendigo’s are gaunt with glowing eyes! (Charlize Theron!)
3. Wendigo Fever. (It’s serious – just take two aspirin.)
4. Wendigo Psychosis! (It VERY medical!)
5. Flying native heads! (This Thanksgiving, be sure to think about our natives.)


Episode 56: Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan

Jay walks us through Anton LaVey, the Church of Satan, and all sorts of magic and weirdness.

This story contains:
1. Anton LaVey. (Formerly, Howard Stanton Levey from Chicago!)
2. LaVey developed the Church of Satan! (The Satanic Bible has been in print since 1969!)
3. LaVey’s understanding of magic was influenced by the British occultist: Aleister Crowley. (Mhm.)
4. LaVeyan Satanism! (They don’t really believe in Satan-Satan – it’s a metaphor!)
5. There are some famous Satanists – that’s fun! (Liberace, Sammy Davis, Jr,. Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Manson!)


Episode 55: Ghost Kids

Noelle walks us through her least favorite type of ghost: GHOST KIDS.

This story contains:
1. Ghost cats! (Noelle promises a whole episode on GHOAST CATS!)
2. Ghost kids! (The creepiest kind of ghost.)
3. Ghost Boy Bridge! (That’s not a nice name for that!)
4. The Radiant Boys! (Boys murdered by their mothers, not the Cabaret coming to a black box near you!)
5. Ghosts kids who try to save cars from trains! (You know they’ve helped, because they left finger prints on your bumper! THANKS, GHOST KIDS!)


Episode 54: Urban Legends of Halloween

Jay walks us through the classic Urban Legends of Halloween.

This story contains:
1. The Origin of Samhain. (That’s pronounced “Sow-win”!)
3. Candy Tampering! (Tylenol and razor blades)
4. Hallucinogenic Tattoos! (Like laced candy – but, on your skin!)
5. Kidney heists (And more true stories THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO YOUR COUSIN!)


Episode 53: The Haunting of the Perron Family

Noelle walks us through the haunting of the Perron family – the inspiration for the film “The Conjuring.”

This story contains:
1. The Perron Family. (Haunted house!)
2. Ghosts! Demons! Things that go bump in the night! (Boooooooooooo!)
3. Daughters! (Poltergeist?)
4. Ed and Loraine Warren! (They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!)
5. See “The Conjuring”! (Or don’t. Doesn’t matter to us!)


Episode 52: Father Muldoon

Jay and Noelle call up David Roccco Facchini – who walks us through his father’s life / ghost story.

This story contains:
1. A haunted church. (Haunted!)
2. A good man! (Back down, ye hypocrites!)
3. Poverty. Crime. Politics. Scandal! (Cool stories from David!)
4. The Catholic Church! (Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!)
5. A book! Get your book at: www.amazon.com/Muldoon-True-Chic…ory/dp/1893121240


Episode 51: The Mothman of Chicago

Noelle walks us through the story of the Mothman of Chicago.

This story contains:
1. The Mothman is here in Chicago. (Hooray!)
2. One of the sightings include two Moth-people(?) “doing it” over the Adler Planetarium. (Mothman’s gotta get his/hers/theirs!)
3. There are three different descriptions of the Mothman. (Noelle thinks this might be a little Mothman family of 3. Cute!)
4. Cryptozoologists are on the hunt! (If you see something call 311 and get your sighting on the record!)
5. We did it, Chicago! We got a supernatural beast to call our own! (It’s probably just JB Pritzker in a Moth Suit. He’s no Bruce Wayne, but he’ll do!)


Episode 50: The Borley Rectory and Harry Price

Jay walks us through “England’s Most Haunted House!” – The Borley Rectory. And it’s most famous investigator: Harry Price.

This story contains:
1. The Borley Rectory. (When it was built in 1862 – the site was already considered haunted!)
2. The Rectory was haunted either by a nun from the 1300s who met a terrible fate – or by a nun in the 1700s who met a terrible fate. (Job advice: don’t be a nun!)
3. The hauntings include: a wandering nun, two headless horseman, and tons of Poltergeist activity. (We TOLD you – England’s Most Haunted House!)
4. The Rectory was investigated by none other than Magician and Conjurer: Harry Price! (A Spiritualism De-bunker who was pals with Houdini!)
5. Mayhaps Price stretched the truth of his investigations? (OR MAYHAPS THE BORLEY RECTORY IS TRULY HAUINTED!)


Episode 49: The Exorcism of Roland Doe

Noelle walks us through the Exorcism of Roland Doe.

This story contains:
1. “Roland Doe” or “Robbie Mannheim”. (He underwent exorcisms in the late 1940s!)
2. Robbie’s Aunt Harriet was a Spiritualist. (She introduced him to Ouija!)
3. Aunt Harriet died, and thus began the strange goings-on. (Strange noises, furniture moving on its own accord and ordinary objects flying or levitating!)
4. Was this kid possessed by a demon – or did he have an illness? (Debate amongst yourselves!)
5. Story elements of the possession were used in the 1971 novel The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty (and the 1973 film adaptation.)


Episode 48: The Ghosts of Hollywood

Jay walks us through the ghosts of Hollywood. It’s time to sit back, drink booze, and be haunted by our friends from the Silver Screen!

This story contains:
1. The Hollywood Sign. (Peg Entwhistle throws herself off the icon in 1932!)
2. Knickerbocker Hotel. (You can see the ghosts of Rudolph Valentino and DW Griffith here!)
3. The Comedy Store. (This used to be a mob run joint – and oh, the basement is haunted AF!)
4. Pantages Theatre. (You can see “Hamilton” there — and, the ghost of Howard Hughes!)
5. The Hotel Cecil, Griffith Park, and the Wonderland Home. (There are almost as many ghosts in Hollywood as there are people!)


Episode 47: The Clifton Hall and the Stanley Hotel

Noelle walks us through two haunted locations: Clifton Hall and the Stanley Hotel.

This story contains:
1. Clifton Hall is located in Nottinghamshire, England. (It’s old! The Hall was mentioned in The Domesday Book of 1086.)
2. Gervase de Clifton bought the hall I the 13th century. (The property stayed in the family until the early 1900s!)
3. Yes, there will be hauntings. (Ghosts!)
4. Noelle then takes us to Colorado to explore the Stanley Hotel. (Best known for inspiring Stephen King to write “The Shining”!)
5. The Stanley Hotel is a beautiful hotel in the Estes Valley. (You may have heard of it; it’s haunted AF.)


Episode 46: Dear David – and Other Scary Tales

Jay walks us through Adam Ellis’ Twitter story: “Dear David”. PLUS – other tales of horror from Internet.

This story contains:
1. A Twitter phenomenon by Adam Ellis. (Twitter: @Moby_Dickhead.)
2. Adam’s being taunted by David. (A child-ghost with his head crushed in!)
3. You’re not supposed to ask Dear David 3 questions. (Uh-oh!)
4. Adam sages his place, does Ouija… the whole nine. (Leave him alone, David!)
5. AND, then… other tales from pop culture. (The Turn of the Screw and Other Internet Sensations.)


Episode 45: Tarot

Jay walks us through the world’s most famous form of Divination: TAROT!

This story contains:
1. In the 1700s, Tarot became most popular card game in Europe. (Let’s all play euchre!)
2. Standard Deck = 78 Cards. 22 Major Arcana. 56 Minor Arcana. (Arcana means secret)
3. 0 The Joker – XXI The World. (The Major Arcana is gonna ef you up.)
4. Minor Arcana: Wands – clubs; Pentacles – diamonds; Swords – spades; Cups – hearts. (Just regular ass playing cards from CVS.)
5. Anyone wanna play some cards? (It’s cool. We’ll read your past present, and future.)


Episode 44: The Ouija Board

Jay walks us through the Ouija Board – its connection to Spiritualism, Satanism, and Hasbro!

This story contains:
1. A “Spirit Board” or “Talking Board” allows people to connect with dead loved ones. (Like a Hallmark card from heaven!)
2. Kennard Novelty Company created the Ouija Board. (They got their patent on February 10, 1891.)
3. Scientists say, Ouija boards are not powered by spirits or demons. (They work on a principle known as the ideometer effect. Boring!)
4. The 1973 Exorcist movie changed Ouija from a Novelty toy to something widely considered Satanic. (It did for Ouija Boards what the movie Psycho did for showers. Spooooooky!)
5. Religious people hate it and witchy people wished it work better, but the bottom line is that Hasbro makes a killing off of Ouija. (Monetarily! Sheesh. The game makes almost as much as Monopoly.)


Episode 43: The Ghost of Elvis Presley

Noelle walks us through the story of America’s most-beloved Ghost: Elvis Presley!

This story contains:
1. The Elvis Origin Story. (He loved his Momma!)
2. His relationship with Priscilla Beaulieu. (She was 14 and was 24.)
3. Graceland. (Home is where the heart is. And where the Jungle Room is.)
4. August 16, 1977. Memphis, TN. (The day the music died. RIP King.)
5. People love their Elvis and they see his ghost everywhere: Graceland, Vegas, and even in their dreams. (Ghost-Elvis reunited a family in peril. Hero Ghost-Elvis!)


Episode 42: Ghosts of the City of New Orleans, LA

Jay walks us through one of America’s Most Haunted Cities: New Orleans,

This story contains:
1. Yellow Fever. (In one summer alone, 10,000 people – out of the 50,000 who had remained in the city – died in the span of two months!)
2. Mary Jane “Bricktop” Jackson. (Prostitute Serial Killer from 1860!)
3. La Laurie Mansion – 1140 Royal Street. (Terrible abuse and suffering at the hands of a psycho.)
4. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and Marie Laveau. (Voodoo Queen and Cities of the Dead!)
5. The Sultan’s Palace. (Greek revival building site of one of the most gruesome mass slayings in New Orleans history!)


Episode 41: The Amityville Horror Part III

Jay and Noelle talk us through the Amityville controversies.

This story contains:
1. Author Jay Anson never met the Lutzes. (He wrote his book off of 45 Hours of audio tape!)
2. In the late 1970s, Father Pecoraro stated in an affidavit that his only contact with the Lutzes concerning the matter had been by telephone. (Priests don’t lie!)
3. The owners who moved in just after the Luztes – Jim and Barbara Cromarty – say nothin’ happened. (Red Room was just tacky!)
4. In May 1977, George and Kathy Lutz filed a lawsuit – $4.5 million – against Hearst. (They lost!)
5. 20 days after the Lutz’s fled, Marvin Scott – a news reporter with channel 5 NY – called in Ed and Lorraine Warren. (And, the Amityville Horror became famous forever.)


Episode 40: The Amityville Horror Part II

Jay walks us through the terrifying 28 days the Lutzes Lived in the Amityville Horror house.

This story contains:
1. George, Kathleen, and their 3 kid’s move into 112 Ocean Avenue just 13 months after the DeFeo murders. ($80,000!)
2. The House itself seems possessed. (Flies, poop smells, and a spinning crucifix!)
3. 5 year old Missy Lutz makes an imaginary friend. (A demon pig!)
4. Kathy has nightmares and ghostly experiences. (The sewing room is not a nice place!)
5. George Lutz experiences ALL of the experiences. (Effed up sleep patterns, attacks by ceramic lions, and the possibility that he himself may be turning into Ronnie DeFeo, Jr.!)


Episode 39: The Amityville Horror Part 1

Noelle walks us through the beginnings of the Amityville Horror: The DeFeos.

This story contains:
1. Ron DeFeo, Sr. moves his family to 112 Ocean Avenue. (Sounds nice!)
2. Ronnie DeFeo, Jr. (Butch) has a tough childhood. (Mean Dad!)
3. Butch gets in trouble, then gets the rich kid treatment. (Boat!)
4. Butch gets a drug problem and a stealing problem. (Uh oh!)
5. On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shoots and kills six members of his family. (It took 15 minutes – and the strangeness of it all still baffles experts!)


Episode 38: Aleister Crowley

Jay walks us through Occult Grand Master: Aleister Crowley.

This story contains:
1. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. (Esoteric organization!)
2. Crowley outlined three forms of sex magick — the autoerotic, homosexual, and heterosexual. (Yes. There will be sex!)
3. Crowley defined Magick as “the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.” (Magic with a K!)
4. Thelema has been described as magico-religious doctrine: a form of esotericism and modern Paganism. (New Age!)
5. Spying, weirdness, and Jack the Ripper. (Come for the sex, stay for the magick!)


Episode 37: Pierce Haunted Mansion

Noelle walks us through the ghosts and hauntings of the Pierce Mansion – Westminster, MA.

This story contains:
1. 26 rooms, 10 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 6,661 square feet, and a full servant wing. (BIG!)
2. Took over 100 men over a year and a half to build. (Haunted construction workers?)
3. Calvin Coolidge, Bette Davis, and Minnesota Fats haunt here. (Illuminati?)
4. This place is haunted! (Ghosts include: A boy, a prostitute, an a-hole who killed a prostitute, and more!)
5. The house now belongs to an HAUNT-repreneur. (How fun! Go there!)


Episode 36: The Ghosts of Salem, MA

Jay walks us through the ghosts (and witch trials) of Salem, Massachusetts.

This story contains:
1. Religious zealotry. (And, perhaps a little Ergot poisoning!)
2. The Salem Witch Trials 1692. (20 people murdered by local authorities!)
3. Bridget Bishop – executed June 10, 1692. (The first executed. She’s a ghost!)
4. Correction corner: Judge HATHORN. (Jay makes a mistake!)
5. SHERIFF Corwin. (Oops! Judge Hathorne. Sheriff Corwin.)


Episode 35: A Trio of Japanese Ghosts

Noelle walks us through three famous ghosts from Japanese lore.

This story contains:
1. Yūrei are Japanese ghosts. (High Spirits goes International!)
2. Yūrei consists of two kanji: (yū), meaning “faint” and (rei), and meaning “spirit”. (Neat!)
3. The Slit-Mouthed Woman: Kuchisakeon’na. (The only time it’s OK to tell a woman she’s average!)
4. The Snow Ghost: Yuki-onna. (She’s pretty – but she will get YOU!)
5. Hunger Gods: Hidarugami. (Put rice in your pocket!)


Episode 34: The Great Chicago Fire

Jay walks us through the Great Chicago Fire of October 1871.

This story contains:
1. From July 4 to October 9 1871, Chicago got only 1 inch of rain. (Severe drought conditions!)
2. More than two thirds of the structures in Chicago in 1871 were made entirely of wood. (So were the streets! And sidewalks!)
3. The fire burned from October 8 to October 10, 1871. (That’s a long time!)
4. The fire killed 300 people. (That number could be higher.)
5. Of the 300,000 inhabitants in Chicago in 1871, 100,000 were left homeless – and more than 17,000 structures were destroyed. (The damage is estimated at $222 million.)



Episode 33: Slender Man

Noelle walks us through the Slender Man story.

This story contains:
1. An Internet Sensation (Created by Eric Knudsen.)
2. Slender Man (Skinny dude from the woods.)
3. Jeff the Killer and Ted the Caver (Creepypasta characters.)
4. Slender Man’s Ties to Folk Lore (Der Grossman.)
5. Tweens try to sacrifice a friend to Slender Man (The Internet is scary. Watch your kids.)


Episode 32: American Airlines Flight 191

Jay walks us through the plane crash of American Airlines Flight 191.

This story contains:
1. May 25, 1979 (A perfect day to fly.)
2. Flight 191 crashes moments after take-off from O’Hare (Fatalities: 275.)
3. First responders are traumatized (One says the accident site feels like “walking into a sea of death.”)
4. A Haunted Trailer Park (Ghosts of Flight 191 seek help from near-by residents.)
5. True Crime: The Murder of Diane Chorba (Her boyfriend said she died on Flight 191. She didn’t.)


Episode 31: Ghosts 101 – PART 2

Jay walks us through the Second part of GhostBasics™.

Hang on to your bedsheets – things get a little boozy in the GhostStudio™!

This story contains:
1. Jinn, Poltergeists and Banshees (Ghost Around the World!)
2. Toyols, Skondhokatas, and Strigoi (Unhappy Ghosts!)
3. Kuchisake-onna, La Llorona, La Pisadeira, Hanako-san, and the Deer Woman (Ghost women!)
4. Jiang Shi and Gjenganger (Interactive CreepMachines™!)
5. Huaka’i pō (Night Marching Ghosts!)


Episode 30: Ghosts 101 – PART 1

Jay walks us through the first part of GhostBasics™.

This story contains:
1. What’s a ghost? (No seriously – what’s a ghost?)
2. Burials (And the reasons the ancients did them.)
3. Traditional Ghost Lore (Some are mean! Some are metaphors! Some are magic!)
4. Ancient Ghost Stories (The Epic of Gilgamesh. (You’re welcome!)
5. The Bible, Greece, and Rome (Getting all historical up in the GhostStudio™!)


Episode 29: Ghost Destinations – Canada, Sweden, and More

Noelle walks us through the great ghost stories of Banfff, Bowling Green, Atlanta, and Sweden.

This story contains:
1. Plan a trip to some great haunted destinations! (Canada, Sweden and some places In Betweeden!)
2. Banff Springs Hotel, Canada (BANFF, BANFF, BANFF. It’s just fun to say.)
3. Wood County Historical Center (Bowling Green, OH)
4. Ellis Hotel, Atlanta (FIRE!!!)
5. Borgvattnet, Sweden (Haunted Vicarage!)


Episode 28: Lincoln Park Cemetery, Chicago

Jay walks us through the story of the history of Lincoln Park Cemetery… I mean, Lincoln Park.

I mean, Lincoln Park Zoo.

I mean, your $850K condo on Webster. (There are bodies beneath the foundation. SORRY!)

Whatever. Lincoln Park. (Cccceeemetery!)

*** Whooooo, Boooo– GAG– SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! ***

This story contains:
1. In 1837, the state of Illinois gave Chicago a piece of land outside the city limits to use as a burial ground. (Interesting?)
2. In July of 1854 – in a six day period – more than 200 cholera victims were buried in the Potter’s Field. (Near all the bars bros love!)
3. This includes the nearly 4,000 Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Douglas and were buried in Potter’s Field. (Those tingles are more than sweet Phish riffs!)
4. A researcher estimates more than 35,000 people were buried in the area. (That’s like if the entire U of I was dead and buried beneath you!)
5. 145 of the bodies lie clustered together at the north end of the baseball field, 130 by 200 feet in dimensions. (That’s why your Indiana University intramural softball team is cursed!)


Episode 27: Black Hope Cemetery, TX

Noelle walks us through the story of the haunting of Black Hope Cemetery, TX.

This story contains:
1. Black Hope: a slave cemetery on the former McKinney plantation grounds (Texas.)
2. Grave markers cleared and the land was used as a housing development (Awful!)
3. In the 1980s, a resident uncovered two graves when building a swimming pool (Sounds familiar!)
4. At that time, further development of the subdivision was halted (Someone at long last comes to their senses!)
5. The cemetery remains were never relocated and still exist beneath the Newport subdivision (That makes for fun slumber parties!)


Episode 26: Ghosts of the City of Portland, OR

Jay walks us through the story of the ghosts of the City of Portland, OR.

This story contains:
1. Underground Tunnels (The Underbelly of Portland!)
2. Shanghai and Crimping (Kidnapping!)
3. A large populations of seamstresses (That’s a nice word for hookers!)
4. The Merchant Hotel (Haunted by the ghost of Nina!)
5. Candy Cane Park (The ghosts of a murder victim haunts the merry-go-round!)


Episode 25: The Winchester Mansion: Guns, Ghosts, and Other Dimensions

Noelle walks us through the story of the Winchester Mansion (San Jose, CA.)

This story contains:
1. Sarah Winchester (Rich-ass KWEEN!)
2. Civil War Gun Money (Maybe Sarah felt bad about all the people her guns killed?)
3. A crazy house that never stops expanding (Contractors making a buck off Sarah and her ghosts!)
4. Doors to nowhere / Windows inside the house (Sounds like an emo song we should write!)
5. Freemasons (That’s right. When in doubt, pull out some Freemason action. The crowd will GO WILD!)


Episode 24: The Ghosts of Green Bay

Noelle walks us through frigid and haunted Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This story contains:
1. Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley (Willard haunts Lane 17!)
2. Captains Walk Winery (Come for the ghosts, stay for the booze!)
3. The Ghost of Helen Morrow (Our kind of lady: “She moves and throws wine glasses, turns on the radio, runs the freight elevator up and down, and turns on the sink faucets.”)
4. 214 E Walnut Building (Homicide/Suicide in this historic building!)
5. Fun Fact: All of Downtown Green Bay is haunted (Yah. It was built on an Indian Burial Ground.)


Episode 23: Dolly Parton — Death and Her Coat of Many Ghosts

Jay walks us through Dolly Parton’s Ghostly and Deadly sings!

*** Megan Ensley joins Jay and Noelle!

This story contains:
1. Letter to Heaven
2. Me and Little Andy
3. Daddy’s Moonshine Still
4. The Bridge
5. Down from Dover


Episode 22: The Chateau Marmont

Jay walks us through the colorful history, scandals, and ghosts of the Chateau Marmont.

This story contains:
1. Resonant Energy (Maybe Ghosts are Just Imprints of the Past!)
2. The Hollywood Studio System (Send Your Pervs to the Marmont!)
3. Scandals, Torrid Love Affairs, and Stupidity (Really, Jim Morrison? Come on.)
4. The Death and Haunting of John Belushi (A Toddler played with the “Funny Man”)
5. Honey Bunches of Oats of Your Favorite Drugged-Out Celebs (When Courtney Love says you have a Problem: You have a Problem!)


Episode 21: Poltergeists and You — Fun Facts about Noisy Ghosts

Noelle walks us through the ghost classification of “Poltergeist”.

This story contains:
1. A Deep Dive into Poltergeists (Rumble Ghosts and PK!)
2. Teenage Girls are likely the conduit for Poltergeist activity (Periods and Puberty!)
3. The Enfield Case (“You’re not Welcome here, Warrens!”)
4. Fun with hoaxes and Other Such Things (“I’m so shy – put me on TV!”)
5. A Drew Barrymore Impression that NEVER happens (But, two incredibly stupid ghost stories from Jay. BOO!)


Episode 20: Ghosts of Alcatraz

Jay walks us through the ghost stories of Alcatraz.

FACTOID: The Spanish named the island Alcatraz – which means: “The Island of Pelicans.”

This story contains:
1. Native Americans Ghosts (Some say the Natives used the Island as a prison!)
2. Ghosts from the Spanish Prison (The Spanish also used the island as a prison!)
3. Ghosts from the Civil War Prison (Yep – another prison!)
4. 1930s -1960s: Federal Prison (The worst prison of them all!)
5. The Hole, Cell 14-D, and Other Terrible Places (MANY ghosts in many locations! PLUS: the ghost of Al Capone plays his banjo in the bathroom!)


Episode 19: The Haunting of the Hotel Chelsea

Jay walks us through the haunting of the Hotel Chelsea – New York’s (in)famous hotel.

This story contains:
1. The Hotel Chelsea (Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll!)
2. The Ghost of Dylan Thomas (Go gentle into that goodnight, Dylan!)
3. Andy Warhol (Chelsea Girls – Edie Sedgwick and Holly Woodlawn!)
4. Arthur Miller, Jasper Johns, and Madonna (Star f*#king!)
5. Sid and Nancy (Drugs, Murder, and Ghosts!)


Episode 18: Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal

Noelle walks us through the Sleep Paralysis – a phenomenon that effects 8% of the population experiences.

This story contains:
1. ISP (The Hatman!)
2. RISP (Out of Body Experience!)
3. The Witch Hag (Chest Sittin’ Lady!!)
4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Relevant!)
5. Alien Abduction (10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Abducted!)


Episode 17: The Lost Colony of Roanoke – and Other Ghosts

Jay walks us through the Lost Colony of Roanoke… and then Jay and Noelle lose it – in what can only be called: the most “tippled” episode of High Spirits!

This story contains:
1. Pilgrims (Ahoy, America!)
2. A settlement that vanished completely (Like that Malaysian Airline!)
3. Theories and Conversations regarding the Great Mystery (Uh-oh – we’ve had too much to drink!)
4. Jay completely goes off the rails (What’s the difference between North Carolina and Virginia?)
5. We’ll edit it all out in post-production (We don’t edit!)


Episode 16: The Mysterious Case of Doris Bither

Noelle walks us through the sad-ass tale of Doris Bither – a drunken lady who was haunted forever.

This story contains:
1. A lady down on her luck (Falling down the class pyramid!)
2. A lady who moved her 4 kids to a haunted house (GET OUT!)
3. A lady who’s – how you say? – intimate with her ghosts.(Spectrophilia!)
4. A Professor who’s basically a dick and a half (Condescending!)
5. Fightin’ Points of View (The spirits weren’t Asian and the house wasn’t condemned!)


Episode 15: The Fox Sisters and Spiritualism

Jay walks us through the phenomenon of two young women – and the religion that was created around them.

This story contains:
1. Religious zealots (Of course!)
2. Two young women who communicate with ghosts (Fox Sisters!)
3. Fame and fortune and everything that goes with it (That’s a QUEEN lyric!)
4. The Fox sisters recanting the very basis of the religion (Uh-oh. Is this all fake?)
5. Houdini v. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Famous men go at it!)


Episode 14: Goatman of Holy Hill, WI

Noelle walks us through the cryptozoological phenomenon of: GOATMAN!

This story contains:
1. Goatman (Weird!)
2. Teenagers at risk (Stop making out!)
3. A crazy creature in an average area (Wisconsin!)
4. Dead people (Are they ghosts?)
5. Is it a Yeti? A Sasquatch? Something else? (Goatman!)


Iroquois Special – Featuring NEIL ARSENTY

Noelle hosts ** very special guest ** NEIL ARSENTY!

This story contains:
1. Neil (YAY!)
2. Noelle drinking 40 oz. of Whiskey (YAY!)
3. The Iroquois Theater Disaster (Fire!)
4. Over 600 deaths on Dec. 30th 1903. (Death Trap!)
5. Ghosts (Suicide Alley!)


Episode 13: Ed and Lorraine Warren – The Smurl Case

Jay and Noelle walk us through Paranormal Celebrities: Ed and Lorraine Warren!

This story contains:
1. Ed and Lorraine Warren: GhostWorld™ Celebs (Bow down, b%tches!)
2. Ed and Lorraine had a cutesy romance and they founded the New England Society for Psychic Research (Work hard, play hard!)
3. The Smurl Family lived in their haunted house in PA for… I dunno, 15 YEARS! (D’fuq?)
4. The Warren’s were like – this place is haunted and full of demons (Duh!)
5. Everyone else (including the Catholic Church) – was like – Smurls: Get. It. Together. (Did the Smurl’s get it together? I dunno. The safe bet is no. You know how they LOVE to procrastinate.)


Episode 12: LIVE! Halloween! — Happy Samhain!

Jay and Noelle celebrate All Hallow’s Eve!

This story contains:
1. Samhain (It’s pronounced SOW-in!)
2. Jack O’Lanterns, Black Cats, and Bedsheets (Oh, My!)
3. Witches and their Brooms (Uh. Whoa.)
4. The Story of Bloody Mary (Do you say it 3 times… or 10?)
5. Washington Irving’s: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Headless Hessian!)


Episode 11: The Ghost of Anne Boleyn

Jay walks us through the story of Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn.

This story contains:
1. Henry the VIII (Asshole!)
2. Anne Boleyn (Ambitious Lady!)
3. Divorce (Uh-oh!)
4. Treason (Trumped up charges of Incest?)
5. Anne Boleyn – ghostin’ up all the places. (Seriously, Anne is everywhere and LOVES to haunt.)


Episode 10: The Bell Witch

Noelle walks us through the classic “Bell Witch” haunting.

This story contains:
1. Olden Times in Tennessee (Old!)
2. Religious Zealots (Yikes!)
3. Family squabbles and Land Feuds (That’s MAH land!)
4. Andrew Jackson (Our favorite creep with vampire cheekbones!)
5. Lots o’ talk ‘bout witches (Witches get sh*t done!)


High Spirits at Chicago’s Ghost Conference: 2

Jay and SPECIAL GUEST – Megan Ensley – lived through a night at Chet’s Melody Lounge.

Take a listen to a BOOoozey Part 2.


High Spirits at Chicago’s Ghost Conference: 1

This year’s Chicago Ghost Conference was held at the Willowbrook Ballroom. (Home of Resurrection Mary!)

Jay and SPECIAL GUEST Megan Ensley attend Chicago’s Ghost Conference!



Episode 9: Ghosts of the White House

Jay walks us through America’s Most Haunted Mansion – The White House! You want ghosts? You’re going to get them! 15 ghosts and a demon.

This story contains:
1. Abigail Adams (She’s unassuming!)
2. Dolley Madison (She’s fancy!)
3. Andrew Jackson (He’s mean!)
4. Abraham Lincoln (Go towards the light, Abe!)
5. Witchy Harry Truman and a roster of White House believers (Jackie, Lady Bird, and the Twins. Oh my!)


Episode 8: The Rave / Eagles Club – Milwaukee, WI

Noelle walks us through ghostly sightings at The Rave / Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI. Originally built in 1926, the building is currently used as a music venue.

This story contains:
1. The Rave / Eagles Club (Milwaukee, WI!)
2. Jay and Noelle: a little tippled from watching the first Presidential Debate (We’re not slurring – you are!)
3. The ghost of a mean “charitable” man (Like Ms. Hannigan from “Annie”!)
4. The ghost of a janitor that can’t let go of his job (Midwestern work ethic!)
5. A haunted basement swimming pool that bands get to investigate (and mark with graffiti!)


Episode 7: Maxwell Street Police Station

Jay walks us through Chicago’s “Bloody Maxwell” Street’s Police Station – built in 1888.

This story contains:
1. Haymarket Riots (1886!)
2. Immigrants and Gangs (Oh my!)
3. Torture Prison (Inhumane!)
4. Prison Graffiti (Advice and Sad Scrawls from Inmates!)
5. Ghosts (Haunted set of TV’s “Chicago PD”!)


Episode 6: Our Lady of Angels

Jay walks us through Chicago’s disastrous fire at Our Lady of Angels school – December 1, 1958.

This story contains:
1. Our Lady of Angels (Fire!)
2. A raging fire at a school without a plan (Confusion!)
3. Victims and Heroes (Hero Dad!)
4. A strange case of arson (Troubled Boy!)
5. Hauntings and Ghost Stories (Sweet visits to Family Members!)


Episode 5: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Noelle walks us through Savannah, GA and the inspiration for John Berendt’s book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

This story contains:
1. Jim Williams (Art Dealer!)
2. Danny Hansford (Murdered Lover!)
3. Lady Chablis (Recently deceased elegant lady!)
4. Dr. Buzzard and Minerva (Voodoo!)
5. Various Hauntings and Local Savannah Flavor (Delightful!)


Episode 4: Eastland Disaster

Jay walks us through the Eastland Disaster – in Chicago, 844 people lost their lives on Saturday, July 24, 1915.

This story contains:
1. Details of the Eastland Disaster (Clark Street Bridge!)
2. A poem written by outraged journalist/poet Carl Sandburg (Poem!)
3. Temporary Morgues (floating Morgue under Wells St. Bridge!)
4. The ghosts at Harpo Studio (Lady in Gray!)
5. SPOILER ALERT: Excalibur has been debunked as a morgue for the Eastland Disaster (It’s just a nightclub maybe haunted by other old-timey ghosts!)


Episode 3: Dybbuk Box

Noelle walks us through the Dybbuk Box story.

This story contains:
1. A holocaust survivor who wanted a box buried with her upon her death (Intriguing!)
2. A family that went against her wishes and sold her Dybbuk Box at an Estate Sale (Not a good idea!)
3. A furniture restorer trying to give the box as a birthday gift (Upon receiving the gift, his mom had a stroke!)
4. The giving and selling of the box to various people all of whom smelled cat pee (Demons!)
5. An extraordinarily LONG story from classic eBay which makes us so happy that people don’t communicate the way they used to (Thanks, Twitter!)


Episode 2: Resurrection Mary

Jay walks us through the classic Resurrection Mary story – Chicago’s famous hitchhiking apparition.

This story contains:
1. A blonde woman hitchhiking down Archer Avenue from the 1930’s-present (Mary!)
2. Helpful hints on removing blood from fabric (Cold Water!)
3. Jay and Noelle inventing an innovative way for women to put-off the crafting they don’t have time to do (Tack Board!)
4. A frank discussion of Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze (Manic Pixie Dream Girl!)
5. An enormous amount of object work for a Podcast (You can’t see it!)


Episode 1: Berini Haunting

Noelle walks us through the Berini Haunting – a famous ghost case from the late 1970s – early 1980s.

This case has everything:
1. A little girl ghost (Creepy!)
2. A little boy ghost (Creepy Part 2!)
3. A Demonic presence in a cape (Fancy!)
4. A very unhelpful Catholic Church (Typical!)
5. And – of course – a family who is NOT MOVING FROM THEIR HOUSE (Dumb!)


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